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– edition march 2023 –

photoshoot madeira

Take care of the most beautiful souvenir!

You will be in Madeira, a place like from another planet! Phenomenal cliffs, beaches, ocean, amazing misty forest – no wonder you dream of capturing this trip in professional photographs! Instead of hundreds of crappy photos from your phone, it’s best to look at the few most beautiful ones! And such we can guarantee you!

What you need to know about:

  • for whom: for singles, for couples in love, for families with children or with pets ❤️ ask for a wedding offer!
  • where: on the territory of beautiful Madeira
  • what: individual sessions and mini-sessions (new! 1st edition); film clips, reels

Karolina and Michael, who are we?

Professionally, for more than 15 years, we have been professionally engaged in photography and video. We love photographing people and beautiful places! That is why we are returning to Madeira for the umpteenth time. By now we have spent almost 3 months here and we know the island like the back of our hand. We know where and when the light is best, we have our secret spots. What can we say – we feel at home here!

Some other interesting information about us:

  • We won the international title of Artist of the year 2022 fo our photos from the Madeira shoots!
  • We have also won many other photography and film awards, including at the Sony World Photography Awards, the largest photography competition in the world, our photo was among the most beautiful portraits and exhibited in the art gallery at Somerset House in London (which is visited by 3 million people a year!).
  • in total love with Madeira, proof: we got married here ourselves!
  • we love traveling, jellybeans and all four-legged!
  • we speak Polish and English
photoshoot madeira

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Photoshoot Madeira – what does a session look like? What if it’s your first one?

Do you love it when someone photographs you? Great! We’ll have a lot of fun together! What about people for whom this is their first session or they are a bit intimidated by it? You will also have a great time!

It absolutely doesn’t matter if you have a model’s flair, because beautiful and emotional photos and video we can do anyone! 🙂

We focus on naturalness and freedom, we like to portray you as you are, as beautifully as we can! We always take care of a good atmosphere, prompt you when needed, give simple tasks, make you laugh – we have so much experience behind us, rest assured!

Most of the couples in our portfolio, are ordinary people just like you or us, and yet we created beautiful emotional photos together! ❤️

What distinguishes our photos, what is our style?

  • Emotion, closeness, joy – a story about you
  • Beautiful light and shadows
  • Painterly natural colors
  • Minimalism – the search for form, harmony
  • Ideas for effective frames
  • Climatic black and white photos
photoshoot madeira

To choose – individual sessions and mini sessions:

Individual session in Madeira – just for you


Duration: 1,5 h

45 photos after processing

1-2 session locations

photos from the drone

you choose your own photos for the package

additional photo 9 euros/piece

159 euros


Duration: 3-4 h

70 photos after processing

3-4 session locations

photos from the drone

you choose your own photos for the package

additional photo 8 euros/piece.

259 euros


Clip can be ordered as an add-on to a session or separately without a session

Reels only as an add-on to the session

Reels: 30-45 seconds

Clip: 2-3 minutes

drone shots

clip 239 euros

reels 100 euros

MINI sessions in Madeira:

How are they different from an individual session?

  • mini sessions are held only on certain pre-selected dates (we tailor individual sessions to you)
  • each mini session lasts 30 minutes, we do up to 4 mini sessions one after another with 10-minute breaks at one location;
  • mini sessions will be held in 4 locations: Fanal / Seixal / Achadas da Cruz / Pico Arieiro
  • there is no drone at the mini session
  • for whom: for people who want a quick session in a beautiful place, at a good price
  • First edition, later will be more expensive
  • Limited number of sessions!

Mini session – 59 euro

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 place
  • 10 photos
  • ready in 2 days
  • you can choose the photos for the package yourself
  • additional photo 10 euros/piece.

Additional features:

  • reels 15 seconds – 39 euros
  • 10 Polaroids from the session to be picked up in Madeira! – 15 euros
  • discounts – if you come for 2 mini sessions you get +5 photos more, for 3 sessions +10 photos more, for 4 sessions + 20 photos more and reels 45 seconds from all 4 sessions!
sesja madera 06

Photoshoot Madeira – PICK YOUR SESSION:

Individual session – just for you

  • For people who want a session at a leisurely pace, just for themselves, at a convenient time for themselves
  • from 2 to 4 places, which you freely choose, which are your favorites and are in your climate
  • from 1,5h-4h, 45-70 photos (depends on the package), ready in 7 days
  • spectacular photos from a drone!
  • extras: film clip, reels, polaroids
  • 159 – 259 €

Mini session

  • For those who want a quick session at an economical price
  • 4 dates, 4 locations to choose from: misty Fanal forest / cliffs over the ocean Achadas da Cruz / mountains above the clouds of Pico Arieiro / black beach of Seixal
  • 30 minutes, 10 photos, ready in 2 days
  • discounts for more than 1 mini session!
  • extras: reels, polaroids
  • 59 € (1 edition, after that it will be more expensive!)

The mini-session schedule will be sent after the booking form is filled out.

All sessions will be held in March (between 1.03-24.03). For other dates, ask in the form!

madera sesja slubna miejsca 12

Book your session in Madeira!

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Dominika i Marcin – Photos

It was a total hit! There wasn’t a person who wouldn’t say – wow such photos I haven’t seen yet! I highly recommend working with Karolina and Michael! First – because it is just super easy and fun. After 2 they are able to guide the couple during the session so that everything comes out naturally, and at the same time it is a lot of fun. Well, and after 3 the photos themselves are top notch! We appreciate the great framing, the wonderful capture of emotions, and the perfect processing of the photos. We were so pleased that we were able to repeat the session together – this time in the dream city of New York. And it came out brilliantly, too! Don’t look for other photographers, you just found the best!

DragonTreeTravel 079

Dragon Tree TravelPhotos and reels

We asked for something specific – a session for an off-road tour company. Despite this, Karolina and Michael handled the task brilliantly, we got a huge package of beautiful and diverse photos. The photos are super polished, the frames and colors are great and match 100% what we ordered. The whole session took place in a very nice atmosphere, Karolina and Michael very professionally, but at the same time at ease guided us through all the planned and unplanned shots so that 3 hours passed like 10 minutes.

We are already signed up for another session!

madera sesja slubna miejsca 21

Agnieszka i Adam – Photos and clip

We landed in Madeira by chance, thanks to Karolina and Michael. But what happened on the island was no longer accidental A good plan, millions of suggestions and visions, weather under the magnifying glass, support, good humor, lots of energy and commitment! That’s all that 22 gave of itself in a nutshell! We were not worried about the results, because we knew that under such circumstances and with such company they would be stunning! Beautiful memories captured in photos and video clip. Would we recommend Madeira? To this day they are still waiting for our top of the top, and I guess they won’t live to see it, because we would have to send the entire album in response Do we recommend 22? When we looked at the photos and spent time with them on the island we know that we came to Madeira by accident, but coming across this duo was no accident. We heartily recommend them! They know how to put in pictures, reports and emotions!

madera sesja slubna miejsca 18

Malwa i Kamil – Fotografia

Karola, Michael, we just don’t know what to say…. You guys are brilliant and magical! We like the photos immensely. They are so „ours.” I do not know how you do it, but the sense of what we wanted you have huge <3 Shtos!!! We recommend you for your professional approach, openness in cooperation, willingness to help, ability to listen and exceptional sensitivity to the client’s needs, but also for your great humor, flexibility and creative atmosphere during the session and during „post-production” (and… extraordinary sense of weather, which is not easy in Madeira). We’re already plotting how to get together again! 😀 Deciding to work with them you accept that your session will be the work of artists, will have a unique character and that you will return to the album for the rest of your life with baked goods on your face!

sesja madera sao laurencio

Natalia i Patryk – Fotografia i klip

The photos and clip are magical and unique! We have seen your realizations before, but the results exceeded our expectations. The session itself was super fun for us, there was time to admire the landscapes of Madeira, fool around and talk about various topics. We felt very comfortable. Better photographers we could not dream of thank you again!

sesja madera 15

Iwona i Michał – Photos

My husband and I are very happy with the cooperation with Karolina and Michael! We received such beautiful photos from them that it brings a tear to our eye. And during these outdoor sessions it was very nice, fun and creative! Working with them is a pleasure. Their professionalism is at the highest level. We will definitely use their services again more than once!I


madera sesja slubna miejsca 12

Book your session in Madeira!

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